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CCI and Columbus Fire Department unveil new Digital Whiteboard

April 5, 2023

Chief Scott Hazeltine and members met with Richard Sheard at the Columbus Fire Department for the unveiling of the new 85” digital whiteboard donated by Columbus Chemical Industries (CCI)

On March 30, 2023, Columbus Fire Department unveiled a new digital whiteboard and technology podium in their station’s training room. The whiteboard can display maps and training videos like a TV, but also has the ability to write on the screen. This screen writing capability will help the department with training and building best practices strategies in dangerous scenarios. Items discussed at the unveiling were demonstrating the reach and impact of strong winds, locating important hydrants and hookups on maps, demonstrating appropriate safety zone sizes and setups, and assisting in other drills, training, and strategy building.

The donation came after Chief Hazeltine and Mr. Sheard, the founder of CCI, had a discussion about the need to update their technology to increase their safety and training abilities. Because safety is a focus and a core value at CCI, Mr. Sheard returned to the office and with the assistance of a few associates was able to get the technology delivered straight to the station. The donation is in appreciation for the Columbus Fire Department’s continued service and dedication to the community, and the Columbus Fire Department is eternally thankful for the generous donation.

Pictured from left to right: Nathan Olson, Nicholas Pergande, Dan Retzlaff, Richard Sheard, Scott Hazeltine, Kyle Kilian and Jeff Kilian